Thursday, 13 November 2014

When You're Lazy, You Look Chic

So It's time changing in UK already, as I've acknowledged the time has been behind by an hour again  while I was chilling with mates at Gate Crusher :P For those of you who do not know the place, it's one of the best clubs in Birmingham that if you come down to this city, you'll need to go to this place on a night out. The club looks amazing with lights and the space design, music is well spun by the greatest DJs in UK (such an appropriate place to learn about geography and time changes in the western areas Lol). Back to the topic, I came to realise the weather is losing its warmth of the beautiful gleams of the shining sun, and replacing it with wind boxing your ears every time going out and non-stop rain, clouds :( like a kitten hiding from the miserable weather, I just constantly wrap myself up in my blanket with Lauren and Louisa having tea or just a chin wag :P most of the time after my lectures. Oh yea, and tea as well :P loving those moments when you could just enjoy your peaceful time with a cup of hot earl grey's and listen to William Fitzsimmons (seriously, this guy's such a cracker, I literally could just listen to him all day long). So while there's still a little bit of sun out there, I feel like posting a summer/autumn look just for the sake of celebrating the end of summer/autumn and officially moving into winter :)

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Back In The UK

So again, this is probably the second time I have to apologise for my procrastination on blogging. In my defence, I was super busy with preparation for moving back to UK after 4 months long of summer at home and blimey, there was so much on my plate that took up 3 weeks of mine to get ready and settle down in UK, along with a huge piles of Uni work that I keep avoiding not to think about :(. To be honest, it was quite an emotional farewell this time for me as you would know that feeling when you've been to somewhere for so long, you'll get more attached to the place, not to mention that is my hometown where my family is in. To top it off, since my last month at home was so amazingly good with late morning wakeup, going gym, having spa, fancy dinners, night-outs with mates and most of all, driving in my own car :P or wot's seemed to be my car in the near future, as it was my parents' but I drive it all the time heheh xx Here are some shameless moments of my summer with me and my mates while we were together :D

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

The French Boy

First of all, my very sincere apology to all the fellow bloggers for this massive delay in my posts. I have to admit I am the laziest blogger on earth; but as God is my witness, I do not mean to become a lazy bum just lounging around the house every last day of the summer, plus all the trips I have to go on with my family just takes up all of my time to do a blog post and not everywhere I go is internet-available :( and that's not all. Since I've come back home, I've been struggling with finding myself a photographer, the thing with me is I always seek for the very best when it comes to doing a shoot for my post, unless I'm totally out of choices, then I'll have to go with the family's help (and trust me, none of them knows how to use a Canon 550D :P). And so the problem's been on for almost 2 months and 2 weeks which I was so gutted ( and I make counting of the days, Lol).